Volume 5, Issue 2

Introduction to This Issue of The Bridge
By Paul Roman, PhD, University of Georgia
Editor, The Bridge

The Recovery Movement

The previous issue of The Bridge provided a “Recovery Movement 101” for readers desiring a quick introduction to this emerging phenomenon.

The issue, accessible at http://www.attcnetwork.org/find/news/attcnews/epubs/bridge_v5i1.html, followed an interview format with four experts: Mr. Greg Williams, and Drs. Michael Flaherty, Alexandre Laudet and Lee Kaskutas. Greg is a leader in the movement, producer of “The Anonymous People,” Mike is a research- informed clinician deeply involved with the movement through his work with IRETA (Institute of Research, Education and Training in the Addictions), and Alexandre (National Development Research Institute) and Lee (Public Health Institute) have been completed NIH-funded research on the topic of recovery. The issue continues a substantial and valuable overview. Notable in the issue is the contrast between the enthusiasm of the activists and the “studied caution” of the researchers, with the former having much more to say than the latter.

In this issue, I join members of our Editorial Board in offering responses and observations stemming from the material presented from the interviews.

We invite readers to respond to the ideas presented.To the extent they are appropriate, these reactions may be included in future issues of The Bridge. Please address your comments to Paul Roman at the University of Georgia (proman@uga.edu).

The opinions expressed herein are the views of the authors and do not reflect the official position of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), SAMHSA, CSAT or the ATTC Network. No official support or endorsement of DHHS, SAMHSA, or CSAT for the opinions of authors presented in this e-publication is intended or should be inferred.

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