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A Unique Leadership Development Opportunity
Addiction Professionals


Agencies, as well as others, are now being faced with a shortage of adequately prepared addiction leaders. Directors and senior level personnel, who are providing leadership in community-based addiction treatment agencies, are approaching retirement age, and there have been few educational opportunities to groom successors for these leadership positions. With this challenge in mind, the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network, in partnership with SAMHSA/CSAT's Partners for Recovery and the USDA Graduate School, is very pleased to offer a unique professional development opportunity to individuals in the addiction field.

The Leadership Institute is an intense leadership preparation program designed to cultivate the development of future addiction leaders. It provides professional development through a combination of evidenced-based training seminars, distance learning, and completion of a project within a six-month timeframe. Each individual partners with a mentor offering expertise vital in facilitating the development of future leaders.

Please review the following links to answer questions you may have regarding the Leadership Institute.

Why participate in the Leadership Institute?

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If you have further questions, please contact your ATTC Regional Center.
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