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Using the Web sites under this topic area, you will find answers to health related questions, definitions to medical terminology, and illustrated interactive Web tools. Also featured is an easy-to-understand Web site for adolescents, which includes personal journal accounts by adolescents with health problems.

Glossary of HIV/AIDS Terms:
Women, Children and HIV: Resources for Prevention and Treatment.

A service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health which provides health terms by topic, a medical dictionary, encyclopedia entries with illustrations, and an area physician finder. This site also includes interactive health tutorials, easy-to-read health information in English and Spanish, and magnification for easy site viewing.

Sections of Interest in this Web Site Include:
Medical Encyclopedia
Health Topics
Drug Information

Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary:
This interactive dictionary finds definitions and common words even if the spelling is unknown; the dictionary finds the most common words based on the first few letters of the word followed with an asterisk.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne: Dept. of Medical Oncology, On-Line Medical Dictionary:
A medical dictionary with interactive term searches and a 'search by subject' which covers terms related to medicine, cell biology and biochemistry. Acronyms, jargon and history of terms are also included.

Brookes Publishing Co Disabilities Dictionary:
An inter-active dictionary containing information on the development and corresponding behaviors of various disabilities.
An A-to-Z listing of over 16,000 medical terms covering diseases and conditions, symptoms and signs, procedures and tests, and medications.

Net Wellness Consumer Health Information:
The ADAM Health Encyclopedia includes subcategory information on disease, injury, nutrition, poison, special, surgery, symptoms and available medical testing.

Aetna InteliHealth:
This Web site contains multiple health-related reference tools. Sections of interest in this Web site include:

Diseases and Conditions includes such topics as addiction, depression, kidney disease, and HIV/AIDS.
Health from A-Z of diseases and conditions and information on complementary & alternative medicine covers diseases and medical conditions plus information on complimentary and alternative medicine.
Interactive Tools with illustrations, health quizzes, and a breast exam how-to tutorial offers health quizzes, assessments, illustrations, and a breast exam tutorial.
Drug Resource Center with a comprehensive overview of how to read prescription labels includes a comprehensive overview on how to read a prescription label.

The Body:
A compilation of over 550 dictionary and glossary entries pertaining to drug interactions, HIV/AIDS, financial terminology and more.

American Independent Marketing:
Glossary of terminology used in health care, health management and the legal.

University of Washington comprehensive glossaries:
This Web site contains multiple health-related reference tools. Sections of interest in this Web site include:

Neuroscience terms
Basic genetic terms
Nutrition for Children with Special Health Care Needs


Nemours Foundation: TeensHealth
Overview of disease definitions, conditions including personalized examples for relational emphasis. In English and Spanish.

Healthy Children Project:
Glossary of environmental toxin terms and health consequences.

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