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Related Links

Use the links provided below to explore additional research, tools and information addressing co-occurring disorders.

SAMSHA's Co-Occurring Center for Excellence

TIP 42, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders (January 2005) (pdf)

Co-Occurring Disorders: Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Implementation Resource Kit, SAMHSA

Health Services Utilization by Individuals with Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders (2002)

Building Bridges: Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Addiction: Consumers and Service Providers, Policymakers, and Researchers in Dialogue (2004)

Definitions and Terms Related to Co-Occurring Disorders (pdf)

A Collaborative Response: Addressing the Needs of Consumers with Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

When Addiction and Mental Disorders Co-Occur - Archived version of a SAMHSA Recovery Month Web Cast

CSAT’s Treatment Improvement Exchange Special Topic: Dual Disorders

CSAT's Treatment Improvement Exchange - Co-Occurring Dialogues Electronic Discussion List

Iowa PIC Focus Publication on Co-Occurring Disorders (pdf)

Comorbidity of Alcoholism and Psychiatric Disorders: An Overview 2002

Assessment and Treatment of Patients with Coexisting Mental Illness and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment Improvement Protocol

Dual Diagnosis Website

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network

Terence T. Gorski - an internationally recognized expert on substance abuse, mental health, violence and crime

Ken Minkoff, MD - a leader in integrated treatment approaches for dually diagnosed individuals

Dual Diagnosis Clinical Guidelines from Behavioral Health Recovery Management

NIDA Publication: Part A - Comorbidity of Mental Disorders with Drug Abuse/Dependence (Annotated Bibliography) 1998 by Barry S. Brown, PhD

NIDA Publication: Part B - Comorbidity of Mental Disorders with Drug Abuse/Dependence (Annotated Bibliography) 1998 by Barry S. Brown, PhD


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