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What is Recovery Management?

The Recovery Management (RM) model of addiction treatment shifts the focus of care from professional-centered episodes of acute symptom stabilization toward the client-directed management of long-term recovery. It wraps traditional interventions within a more sustained continuum of:

  1. Pre-recovery support services to enhance recovery readiness
  2. In-treatment recovery support services to enhance the strength and stability of recovery initiation, and
  3. Post-treatment recovery support services to enhance the durability and quality of recovery maintenance.

(GLATTC Bulletin, 2006)

Principles of Recovery Management

  • Emphasis on resilience and recovery processes (as opposed to pathology and disease processes)
  • Recognition of multiple long-term pathways and styles of recovery
  • Empowerment of individuals and families in recovery to direct their own healing
  • Development of highly individualized and culturally nuanced services
  • Heightened collaboration with diverse communities of recovery, and
  • Commitment to best practices as identified in the scientific literature and through the collective experience of people in recovery. ( and

(GLATTC Bulletin, 2006)

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