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An ATTC Network Commitment

Preparing the field to adequately serve the needs of the country's returning veterans is a priority of the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network. The ATTC Network is building on its experience to develop new resources to train and inform professionals to address the specific issues veterans face as they transition back to life on the home front after serving in combat.

Virginia is for HeroesVirginia is for Heroes Conference - This event, co-sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic ATTC, brought together clinicians, educators, employers, state and federal government representatives, and other stakeholders to create a road map that mobilizes resources at all levels of government to ensure a bright future for returning veterans. You will find a variety of resources from the conference on this comprehensive site, including the Conference Report.

Resource Links, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Summer 2004: Substance Use Disorders and the Veterans Population - This Northeast ATTC Newsletter addresses several topics affecting veterans, including an overview of veterans issues and the challenges face by the Veterans' Health Administration.

Resource Links, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Fall 2007: Issues Facing Resource Links CoverReturning Veterans - This newsletter, published by the Northeast ATTC, covers current combat issues surrounding Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, PTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Pocket Resource for Policy-Makers
- This easily assessable resource, created by Mid-America ATTC, provides policy-makers with resources at their fingertips. Although some of the information is specific to states in the Mid-America ATTC region, it also provides links and contact information to several relevant national organizations.

In addition, a packet resource with information for the state of Virginia is also availabel from Mid-Atlantic ATTC: Virginia Pocket Resource - Front and Back

Blueprint CoverHow will we welcome them Home? Addressing the Needs of Returning Soldiers & their Families - This publication, developed by the ATTC of New England, serves as a blueprint to help policy-makers in the State of Rhode Island ensure that their health care system is easily accessible and knowledgeable in order to care for returning veterans and their families.

Finding Balance After the War Zone series of materials for and about returning veterans, to be co-published by the Great Lakes ATTC and Human Priorities.  This series (currently in draft form) includes:

Addiction Messenger Series 31: The Returning Veteran's Journey - This three-part series, published by the Northwest Frontier ATTC, outlines how the journey home for each returning veteran is a uniquely individual experience.
Addiction Messenger CoverPart 1: Awareness of PTSD (Click on Image to left)
Part 2: Where Trauma and Substance Abuse Intersect
Part 3: The Family, Effective Care and Resources



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