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Pam Woll, Great Lakes ATTC

Pamela Woll, MA, CADP is a Chicago-based consultant in writing, training, and instructional development, and a partner and consultant to the Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC).  Pam has been writing books and manuals in addiction treatment, prevention, mental health, and other human service fields for the past 18 years, on topics including stigma reduction, strength-based treatment, resiliency, trauma, depression, cultural competence, addicted families, violence, and disaster human services.

Pam’s newest effort is the Finding Balance After the War Zone series of materials for and about returning veterans, to be co-published by the Great Lakes ATTC and her own organization, Human Priorities.  That series (currently in draft form) includes:

She would welcome any feedback on these draft materials. You may email her at:

Pam is also the author of many manuals, curricula, and booklets written for a variety of organizations, including:

  • Healing the Stigma of Addiction:  A Guide for Treatment Professionals, published by the Great Lakes ATTC
  • Healing the Stigma of Depression:  A Guide for Helping Professionals, published by the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center and the Great Lakes ATTC
  • The self-help booklet, How to Get the Piranhas Out of Your Head and the accompanying Piranha Workbook and Piranha Leader’s Guide, published by Human Priorities. 

She is also co-author of two books:  primary author of Worth Protecting:  Women, Men, and Freedom from Sexual Aggression (with Terence T. Gorski) and second author of The Call to Write:  An Invitation for Aspiring Writers (with William L. White). 





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