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Resources and Publications from the ATTC Network

Newsletter: Addiction Messenger, Vol. 4, #11: What Is a Woman-Sensitive Program?
Northwest Frontier ATTC newsletter profiling issues related to women and treatment. Topics include relationships, trauma and abuse, female specific health problems, employment-related issues and barriers to treatment for women.

Women and Chemical Dependence, an Indexed Bibliography of Articles Published in Professional Chemical Dependency Journals
Gulf Coast ATTC indexed bibliography of articles relating specifically to women who have been published in professional chemical dependency journals.

Curriculum: Strength-Based Approach Toward Addiction Treatment for Women
Training curriculum from the Great Lakes ATTC with materials for a full day workshop. Topics include how and why to adopt strength-based treatment for women.  Tools for implementation are provided. This product was developed as part of a five-state knowledge adoption study.

Women in Treatment: A Summary of Research on Gender Responsive Programming
1999 Bulletin providing a brief overview of research on women specific treatment strategies, highlighting the unique experiences women commonly bring to treatment, and minimum requirements to be considered a gender sensitive treatment program.

Resource Disc 5.0: Working with Special Populations and Substance Use Disorders
Resource disk from Northeast ATTC including current resources for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders with special populations, such as pregnant women, the elderly, Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans, GLBT, Native Americans and veterans.

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse
Monograph providing a background paper entitled "Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: Policy Issues for Prevention and Treatment" by James A. Neal, M.C.J., CSPP and Onaje M. Salim, BA, prepared for the ATTC Leadership Institute and includes a participant consensus report.


In addition to the items listed, you can also access the ATTC Network’s entire catalog of resources and publications online.

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