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Pregnancy and Children

Women are more likely than men to have children living with them, and for which they are responsible. Many women avoid seeking treatment for fear of losing their kids or are referred to treatment as a requirement for keeping/regaining custody of their children.  “Responsibility for children, coupled with little access to childcare services, is one of the most significant and most frequently cited barriers among females who seek treatment,” explains the 2005 SAMHSA Report on Women.

Moreover, alcohol and drug use during pregnancy causes many complex problems. Women Under the Influence, a new book from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, notes, “Drinking during pregnancy can result in a range of serious consequences – from miscarriage and fetal death to fetal alcohol syndrome. …Infants born to mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy – even light to moderate amounts are significantly smaller in weight, height and head circumference than babies born to non-drinking mothers.” A Woman’s Addiction Workbook further states, “Of the four million women who give birth each year, one in eight uses alcohol, tobacco or other drugs during the week before delivery. …While there is often tremendous social judgment of pregnant women who abuse substances, there is extremely little care available to them.”

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