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Online and Distance Education Opportunities

Addressing STDs and Pregnancy in Women
Course from Danya International, which houses the Central East ATTC, designed to increase the knowledge/skills of clinicians working with women at high risk for STDs. Learn how to help clients adopt healthy behaviors, decrease risky sex behaviors, and encourage STD screening, testing, education, counseling and treatment.

Battered Women and Addictions
Online course from the ATTC of New England providing mental health, substance abuse and violence prevention professionals treatment options for women and families who are affected by domestic violence and substance abuse.

Helping Clients Move from Welfare to Work: Welfare Reform (TANF) for Addiction Professionals
Danya International course offering instructions on how to work with clients in welfare programs, especially those in Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). The role of treatment professionals in the welfare system and the Federal requirements of the TANF program are also reviewed.

Women and Chemical Dependency
Four-session course from the ATTC of New England examining the unique issues of women in chemical dependency treatment and helping practitioners understand how to provide comprehensive care to women.

Women and HIV Risk: Screening and Brief Intervention Strategies
Danya International course presenting healthcare providers with strategies designed to help patients participate in HIV screening, testing, counseling and education. It also explains how to decrease HIV risk behaviors and increase healthy behaviors.

Women and Substance Use I
Introductory course from the Mid-Atlantic ATTC intended to give practitioners an increased awareness of women’s substance use patterns and explores treatment designed specifically for women. Participants develop an understanding of the key principles involved in women’s treatment.

Women and Substance Use II
Course, also from the Mid-Atlantic ATTC, providing students with an advanced understanding of women’s addiction. Specifically, it addresses co-occurring disorders as well as trauma, domestic violence, family relationships and self-esteem.

Find other online and distance education opportunities offered on  This site, hosted by the ATTC Network, is an international reference for addictions-related distance education opportunities. Once at the site, search course topics for women, pregnancy, gender and other related terms.

Other Educational Opportunities

Education on PTSD and Domestic Violence
Provides educational workshops to the national community that heightens awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and promotes a better understanding of how it impacts American life.

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