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Physiological Effects of Addiction

Women not only become addicted more quickly than men, but also suffer more damage physically. Differences can be found in the way a woman’s body absorbs, metabolizes and eliminates alcohol and other drugs. Increased damage to the body occurs because females often have higher concentrations of substances in their blood after consuming the same amount as men. Studies also show that women are more likely to die from addiction than men. In A Woman’s Addiction Workbook: Your Guide to In-Depth Healing (A Woman’s Addiction Workbook), Lisa Najavits, PhD, reports that “the number of women dying from illnesses related to addiction is more than four times the number who die from breast cancer.”

National Report Card Declares Smoking Is a Critical Women’s Health Issue
Smoking Cessation

Alcohol: A Women’s Health Issue

NIDA:  Drug Addiction Research and the Health of Women










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