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Additional Publications and Online Resources


Women Under the Influence (2006) – Book from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) exploring how alcohol and tobacco industries target women and the role physicians play in women’s addiction. It also provides a template for parents, healthcare providers, teachers and public officials to recognize and address the special needs of girls and women with addiction issues.  Order online from

Substance Abuse Treatment and Care for Women: Case Studies and Lessons Learned (2004) - Extensive report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reviewing issues relating to women, gender and substance use on an international level.  Topics include barriers to treatment, promoting gender responsive services and how to engage women in treatment.  Download for free online.

The Handbook of Addiction Treatment for Women (2002) - Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner and Stephanie Brown (editors), along with over thirty leading researchers, clinicians and teachers, examine the complex topic of women and addiction. The book explores the unique challenges females with substance use disorders pose, and provides specific guidelines for diagnosing and treating women. Order the Handbook online.

CASAWORKS for Families: A Promising Approach to Welfare Reform and Substance-Abusing Women: A CASA White Paper (2001) - report describing the preliminary success of CASAWORKS for Families, the first national demonstration program to simultaneously provide drug and alcohol treatment, literacy and job training, parenting and social skills education, family violence prevention and healthcare.  Download for free online.

Volcano Press- Volcano Press has been publishing books on domestic violence and women’s health for forty years. This Web site provides books and pamphlets to help create an understanding and lead to an end of domestic violence. View their many books and resources online.

Selected Bibliography - Compiled by the ATTC National Office

Online Resources

Addiction Family Guide - from The Hills Treatment Center
The Addiction Family Guide is a collaborative effort by addiction specialists to provide a one-stop resource for the most common questions and concerns on how drug addiction and alcoholism affect the family as a whole. Our mission is to provide a useful supplement to families of alcoholics and addicts and help them find the resources and support they need.

Women’s Services Network (WSN)
A component of National Association of State Alcohol/Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD) and the National Treatment Network (NTN), The Women’s Services Network functions as a specialty network under the auspices of the NTN, and in collaboration with the National Prevention Network (NPN) having women’s treatment and prevention issues as the focus while remaining dedicated to the NTN’s overall goal of effective, socially responsive treatment delivery for all populations.

The Office on Women's Health - Women’s Health and Mortality Chartbook
statistical resource on women’s health in each of the states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The chartbook was developed to provide readers with an easy-to-use collection of current state data on critical issues of relevance to women.

Women and Gender Differences Research from NIDA

Alcohol – A Women’s Health Issue, 2003

Helping Yourself Heal:  A Recovering Woman’s Guide to Coping with Childhood Abuse Issues, 2003

A Collection of NIDA Notes:  Articles that Address Women’s Health and Gender Differences, 2004

Related articles from Counselor – The Magazine for Addiction Professionals

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Women’s Health. 

Other Helpful Links

Health Square – A women’s health information center

National Women’s Health Information Center  

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Resource Center

US Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Women’s Mental Health Center

Institute for Professional Development in the Addictions. Women’s Issues Links related to alcoholism and other diseases.

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