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Newsletter Volume 3 Special Issue: Native LGBTQ and Two-Spirit

We would like to share our latest Newsletter, Volume 3: Special Issue, which focuses on the care of Native LGBTQ and Two Spirit identified clients. Rick Haverkate wrote about the particular wellness needs of LGBTQ and Two-Spirit identified clients; we also share thoughts about the meaning and history of the term "Two Spirit" and the history of LGBTQ identified individuals and inclusiveness within Native communities from Apacuar/Tutmalria Larry Kairaiuak, Sean Bear, and Mary K. Winters. Also included in this issue are "Best Practices for Treating of Native Transgender Women," by Michaela Grey, and an overview of our forthcoming curriculum, "Honoring Our Relations: Increasing Knowledge on Native LGBTQ/Two-Spirit Wellness" by Lena Thompson.

You may find the full issue available at this link.