Welcome to the National American Indian and Alaska Native (AI & AN) Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) website. At the National AI & AN ATTC, we provide educational opportunities for those interested in substance abuse treatment and counseling, including health professionals in primary prevention and treatment of substance abuse. We are housed in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, and offer services nationwide for consulting, technical assistance, and continuing education seminars, focusing specifically on the American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 3: National Recovery Month Issue

We would like to share our latest Newsletter, Volume 4 Issue 1, which delves into the important topic of suicide prevention for June 2017. We are excited to share programs which are doing wonderful work in this area.

You may find the full issue available at this link.

Native Heritage—Understanding American Indian/Alaska Native Behavioral Health: Pursuing the Cause of the Causes

View the recording of the event here.
The health status of American Indians and Alaskan Natives is well documented to be far below that of the general population of the United States. Chronic diseases are especially problematic, and behavioral health conditions such as depression, anxiety, addictions, suicide, and family disruption are concerns across all tribes. In addition, the ability to provide adequate, culturally sensitive, evidence-based care in this era of health reform is especially challenging. In this presentation, Dr. Dale Walker (professor of Psychiatry and Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Director of the Center for American Indian Health, Education and Research at Oregon Health and Science University) will review the chronic illness issues of Native populations, with a special focus on suicide and substance use disorders. Dr. Walker will examine the use of culturally derived social skills training and social determinants—defined as how and where we live, learn, work and play throughout our life—as powerful integrative tools to assist our efforts in rethinking health care delivery in Native communities.

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