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National Hispanic and Latino ATTC
Universidad Central del Caribe


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Make Your Program Work: Cultural Adaptation Resources for Latino-serving Substance Use Treatment Organizations

8/23/2017 @ 12:00PM EST

Latino groups across the country are diverse and need substance abuse treatment intervention programs that support their specific cultural needs. While there are a great number of evidence-based treatments (EBTs) available for substance use disorders (SUDs), few are specific to Latino groups, or those developed for one specific Latino group may not generalize to other Latino groups from different regions (e.g, rural/urban), historical backgrounds (e.g., immigrant/non-immigrant, or refugee), religious backgrounds, and socioeconomic settings. Therefore, culturally adapting an EBT to the specific needs of a particular Latino group may be necessary. This presentation will provide information regarding an array of cultural adaptation models; highlight the benefits and challenges of undertaking cultural adaptations; and provide recommendations and resources should service providers chose to culturally adapt an existing substance use EBT for Latinos.

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Immigration, Trauma and Substance Use:
The Latino Journey to the U.S.
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Essentials: Family Therapy for Substance Use
in Hispanic Adolescents

Essentials presents a summary of key elements associated with the topic of Family Therapy for Substance Use in Hispanic Adolescents as a companion for providers to tap into quick resources at the time of providing needed services taking into account cultural values within the Latino community.

Conceptos básicos sobre la adicción a drogas: Una herramienta para los proveedores de servicios

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