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Welcome to the inaugural Strategic Plan for the National American Indian & Alaska Native Addiction Technology Transfer Center (the National AI & AN ATTC). Our Center was formed in 2012 as one of four National Focus Area ATTCs. In addition to these four national centers, the country is served by ten regional ATTCs, which are aligned with the ten DHHS regions. The primary goal of our Center is to serve as a subject matter center of excellence in technology transfer for the American Indian and Alaska Native behavioral health workforce. The Center and the ATTC Network as a whole are funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), and is charged with providing training and technical assistance to the behavioral health workforce. Building on the Network's experience and evolution over the last 20 years, our Center is working with American Indian and Alaska Native behavioral health providers, peoples, organizations and communities to help develop and deliver effective culturally relevant professional development and behavioral health services.

This plan provides the strategic orientation that the National AI & AN ATTC will use to tackle the enormous breadth of work required to fulfill the ATTC Network's purposes and the Center's proposed goals. It also offers encouragement and empowerment to all of us engaged in this important work. We welcome your interest and look forward to working together with you to fulfill the hopeful promise of the ATTC network within the rich diversity of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples and cultures.

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Strategic Planning Meeting  -- Phoenix, AZ

January 31 - February 1, 2013

1st Row: (left to right) Rose Weahkee, AZ; Janet Zwick, IA; Kate Winters, MN; Richard Moreno, CA; Anne Helene Skinstad, IA; Clyde McCoy, FL; Wayne H. White Wolf-Evans, SD; Harlan Pruden, NY. 2nd Row: Lonnette Albright, IL; Pam Waters, FL; Erin Hobbs, MO; Jacque Gray, ND; Pat Silk Walker, OR; Carol Taylor, MT; Dee Big Foot, OK; Deb Painte, ND; Clem Crazy Thunder, IA; Rod Robinson, MD; Jacki Bock, IA; Harold Tarbell, BC. 3rd Row: Ed Parsells, SD; Dan Dickerson, CA; Karen Summers, IA; Ken Winters, MN; Gary Neumann, MT; Spero Manson, CO; Dale Walker, OR; Dennis Norman, MA; Nancy Roget, NV; Matt Ignacio, CO; Richard Bird, SD; Peter Nathan, IA;  Harold Tarbell, BC. Not Pictured: Tom Freese, CA; Erin Thin Elk, SD.

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