Suggested Workgroups for the National American Indian and Alaska Native ATTC

Adoption of Evidence Based Practices

These practices will help guide the development of an American Indian and Alaska Native Leadership Institute. They will help direct the development and implementation of trainings on culturally legitimate EBPS. Adopting evidence based practices will aid the development of learning collaboratives to increase the number of American Indian and Alaska Native trainers and professionals across the country who are willing to review and collaborate on workgroups.

Healthcare Integration

The National American Indian and Alaska Native ATTC aims to guide development of resources on healthcare integration. We wish to explore and identify how the Center can be beneficial in the integration of behavioral health and primary care. All the while, focusing our attention more on the topic of Prescription Drug abuse and how to treat and prevent it.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

ROSC is a coordinated network of person centered community based services that supports and builds on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families, and communities to achieve abstinence and improved health, wellness, and quality of life for those with or at risk of alcohol and drug problems (SAMHSA 2010). It offers a comprehensive menu of services and supports that can be combined and readily adjusted to meet the individual’s needs and chosen pathway to recovery.  Training offered through the National American Indian and Alaska Native ATTC.

Evaluation and Needs Assessment

To guide development and implementation of a needs assessment plan and process evaluation.

Publication and Media

These resources will guide development and publication of an American Indian and Alaska Native provider newsletter and solicit articles from tribal providers.

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