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Health Reform

The Affordable Care Act Gives Latinos Greater Control Over Their Own Health Care. The benefits and protections in this new law are particularly critical to Latinos, who have the highest rates of uninsurance in the nation. About nine million Latinos will be eligible to receive coverage.
Affordable Care Act Will Expand Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits and Parity Protections for 62 Million Americans The Affordable Care Act builds on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 to extend federal parity protections to 62 million Americans. The parity law aims to ensure that when coverage for mental health and substance use conditions is provided, it is generally comparable to coverage for medical and surgical care. The Affordable Care Act builds on the parity law by requiring coverage of mental health and substance use disorder benefits for millions of Americans in the individual and small group markets who currently lack these benefits, and expanding parity requirements to apply to millions of Americans whose coverage did not previously comply with those requirements.
The Affordable Care Act and Latinos by Ashley Henderson, Wilma Robinson, and Kenneth Finegold, ASPE. Racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care in the United States are pervasive and welldocumented. Racial and ethnic minorities still lag behind their non-Latino White counterparts across a range of health indicators, including life expectancy, prevalence of chronic diseases, and access to quality care. In addition, individuals from racial and ethnic minority groups
represent about one-third of the nation’s population, but make up over half of the estimated 50 million Americans with no health insurance coverage. An estimated 30.7 percent of Latinos are uninsured, compared with 16.3 percent of all Americans.

Connecting to Health Insurance Coverage. A good source of talking points for discussions about the ACA.a good source of talking points for discussions about the ACA.

New Mental Health Coverage for Latino Families. A fact-sheet on the Affordable Care Act from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.