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Center for Addiction Studies

Program Objectives:

  • Estimate the prevalence of drug use, abuse, and dependency in the Puerto Rican population
  • Describe the patterns of drug use and associated factors
  • Explore the relationship between substance abuse and other physical and mental conditions
  • Evaluate substance abuse treatment modalities as well as new intervention strategies
  • Provide empiric knowledge as the basis for the formation of health professionals providing substance abuse and treatment services.
  • Create and maintain scientific database that serves as reference for public policy making

Outstanding Studies

  • Sociodemographic profile and use pattern of the Puerto Rican drug user in Puerto Rico and US Mainland
  • HIV prevalence and risk behaviors associated with drug use
  • Relapse process and treatment retention in different intervention models
  • Health care utilization patterns among Puerto Rican drug users
  • Factors related to the crack epidemic in Puerto Rico
  • Co-morbidity in substance abuse, infectious diseases, and mental illness
  • TB resurgence; its relation with substance abuse
  • Effectiveness of the needle exchange programs in reducing health risks among injected drug users
  • Trends in alcohol and drug use among Puerto Rican school youth
  • Access and integration to health care services among homeless, drug users and others within the modality of managed care compared to traditional health care service system

Program Evaluation Services

The Research Program provides technical assistance through consultation, advice and training to aid organizations in increasing their capacity to serve their clients effectively.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Starting and administrating project
  • Measurement and evaluation of program results
  • Research design and implementation
  • Method development and statistical evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Project planning for capacity expansion and enhancement

List of Publications

In this section you will find a comprhensive list of publications by the Institute of Research, Education and Service in Addiction (IRESA).

Click here to download the most recent list of publications.


In addition, below you will find some of the posters presented at International, National and Local Conferences such as: American Public Health Association, College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Latino Behavioral Health Institute, National Hispanic Science Network and International AIDS Conference among others.


Finally, these are some presentations made by the staff and faculty by topics at different forums

Tecnología de Información de Salud, 5/17/2012 Bayamón, PR.

Hablemos del Impacto del Trauma Emocional en Niños y Adultos

March, 14, 2012
Anfiteatro Hospital Universitario Ramón Ruiz Arnau
Various presentation (compressed)
Julian Ford, PhD, Roxío Chang, PsyD

Conferencia 2011: Impacto y Tratamiento del Uso de Alcohol: De la Niñez a la Adultez Temprana

September 29, 2011
Embassy Suites Hotel, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico


Talleres Simultáneos

Some Poster Presentations at the Conference

Latino Behavioral Health Institute 2011

Latino Behavioral Health Institute 2009

Creciendo en Puerto Rico





"It is important to acknowledge that social and health service organizations can nourish, both from findings as well as from the methodology put into practice through research, by implementing methods that will help them make better use of their resources."

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