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The Center for Program and Services Evaluation (CPSE)

Our Services

The Center for Program and Services Evaluation (CPSE) is an applied center within Universidad Central del Caribe, School of Medicine in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, which provides external evaluation and research, service. CPSE encourages the use of data to support program and policy development, decision-making, and accountability in order to determine program effectiveness and organizational capacity.

Proper design, planning and implementation of activities are carefully conducted and monitored. Consultation, services are provided to all types of organizations and/or Individuals.

Our Approach

CPSE use systems theory as a way to understand the dynamic behavior of complex social and organizational systems. Our professionals look at the entire system that may influence the outcomes intended develop evaluation plans tailored to the client’s needs, using methodologies most suited for your evaluation goals.

As experienced researchers, the Center possesses a wide variety of instruments and tools that can be used for evaluate achievement, success and change. The Center can analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and disseminate the information by different easy to understand venues throughout executive summaries, tables and graphics based on the audience. In addition, we present the information in an easily understandable manner that fit any audience and reach more opportunities for funding and exposure.

Our Clients

Primary clients include public and private agencies; not-for-profit and philanthropic organizations; health services and health education providers; community service, policymakers, legislators, government or non-governmental entities.

Our Staff

CPSE multidisciplinary staff has provided evaluation for over 15 years. Through this experience the Center has collaborated with different private and public entities in assessing needs, clarifying goals and evaluation strategies as well as the development of further funding proposals. Our staff consists of administrators, evaluators, epidemiologists, sociologists, psychologists, physicians, anthropologists, educators, physicians, nurses, social workers, lawyers, counselors, therapists, technologists, outreach workers and volunteers with sufficient multidisciplinary expertise to provide high-quality process evaluation and improvement.

Our Rates

The rate for an evaluation project is determined by the assessment done of the particular evaluation needs. Elements such as sample size, complexity, evaluation/research design, time, resources, data collection and management are taken into consideration in order to be able to calculate the rate. Contact us for more information about our rates.

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Carmen Ruth Rodríguez, Project Coordinator
(787)-798-3001 ext. 2126 or (787)-785-4211

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