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CATES 2010 (Fall)
Substance Use Disorders Treatment under Health Care Reform:  Welcome to the Health Care System 

Fall 2010 CATES PowerPoint Presentation(s):

CATES 2010 (Spring)
PTSD and Substance Abuse:  Understanding the Challenges Experienced by Returning Military Members and Their Families 

Spring 2010 CATES PowerPoint Presentation(s):

CATES 2009
Emerging Trends: Addressing the Prescription Drug Abuse Problem 

Fall 2009 CATES Follow-up Webinars  - PowerPoint Presentations:

Fall 2009 CATES Training  - PowerPoint Presentations:

CATES 2008
Improving Client Engagement & Retention in Treatment 

Fall 2008 CATES Calls - PowerPoint Presentations:

2007-2008 CATES Trainings - PowerPoint Presentations:


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