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Our Mission

Improve substance abuse treatment and recovery systems of care through the education and training of health and human service professionals, and the implementation of technology transfer initiatives and workforce development activities in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. To accomplish this mission, the Mountain West ATTC focuses on 6 (six) key areas:

  • DEVELOPING & DISSEMINATING TOOLS by putting insights into action and maximizing the flow of knowledge to the addiction treatment workforce. The Network creates and distributes a wealth of information in a variety of forms including continuing education and academic courses, specialized publications, presentations and curriculum enhancements.
  • >ENHANCING CULTURAL APPROPRIATENESS by identifying standards of culturally appropriate practice and then generating ways for these to be adopted.
  • BUILDING A BETTER WORKFORCE by strengthening the knowledge, skills and attitudes of substance abuse treatment practitioners.
  • ADVANCING KNOWLEDGE ADOPTION by helping treatment professionals not only access and understand but also adopt the most innovative and effective treatment strategies by keeping pace with the latest science on addiction and then translating it so that it can be understood and applied by the treatment workforce.
  • ONGOING ASSESSMENT & IMPROVEMENT by fostering a continuous state of self-assessment to measure the efficacy and success of our work.
  • FORGING PARTNERSHIPS by initiating partnerships and collaborative relationships that can maximize the effectiveness of the addiction treatment field by drawing on the diverse expertise of related groups to create opportunities for positive systems change and the development of key resources for the field.
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