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Positive Partnerships: A Guide to Facilitating Collaboration Between Faith and Community-Based Organizations

by: Gail D. Dixon, M.A., CAPP Edited by: Pamela Waters, M.Ed.

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The materials in this Resource Collection CD-ROM are intended to assist Positive Partnerships Facilitators in understanding the concepts covered in the Facilitator's Guide. Some documents may prove useful for participants, either as background reading between sessions or as a guide in developing collaborative projects that result from the Positive Partnerships process.

The original document - Positive Partnerships: A Guide to Facilitating Collaboration Between Faith and Community Based Organizations is included in its entirety in PDF format on this Resource Collection CD-ROM. Other contents of the Resource Collection are organized by the order in which they appear in the Facilitator's Guide (shown indented in the listing). Some additional resource documents not specifically cited in the text are also included on the CD-ROM, along with a list of links to web sites of interest. A list of the contents appears below with document titles as they are on the Resource Collection CD-ROM. Full citations for these documents appear in the text of the Facilitator's Guide. Please click on the links below to access the different items. Links to actual web sites will require an internet connection to access.

To view the documents on this CD-ROM you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this application already installed you may install Acrobat Reader now.

Facilitator's Guide

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Resources for Faith Based Organizations

General Substance Abuse Information

Coalition Building and Community-Based Organizations

Motivational Interviewing

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