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Regional ATTC Products & Resources

Self Care: A Guide for Addiction Professionals

Type/Format:   Book
Electronic Media (i.e. e-zine)
Description:   This booklet identifies common workplace stressors for addiction professionals and provide strategies that both agencies and addiction professionals can use to address them and promote overall self-care. The guide covers topics such as: Nutrition, Mental Wellness,Recovery Management, and Exercise. The new 2011 version (currently available in free PDF and English language only) adds a section about coping with grief and loss.
Release Date:   10/1/2011
Language:   English
This product is available for download using the following link(s).
  • Self Care Resources - tests you can take to help ascertain your level of wellness
  • Self Care: A Guide for Addiction Professional - 2011
  • NOTE: To view Adobe Acrobat files, you must have a copy of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free.

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