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Special Topics


Recovery Frameworks is a four module curriculum that consists of PowerPoint presentations and trainer notes for each module, along with supplemental reading materials for trainers. The primary purpose of the curriculum is to raise awareness of recovery-focused care and provoke thought about how a recovery orientation can be incorporated into clinical and administrative practices. This curriculum was created to be used as a tool for supervisors in the substance use disorders treatment programs to train staff about the importance of a using recovery framework to guide service delivery and facilitate long-term recovery among clients/patients.

The curriculum package is recorded on the course CD. It contains: PowerPoint Presentations; Handout Masters, and Supplemental recovery-related resource materials to support trainer knowledge of the specific content addressed in the training. This product is offered at no cost except a $5.00 shipping fee.  Click here for the order form.



Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders in Adolescents: Building a Foundation for Quality Care

This 14-hour curriculum package is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the nature of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders in adolescents and to provide a framework for integrated treatment for adolescents with such disorders.  One of the primary purposes of this course will give substance abuse and mental health professionals who provide treatment to adolescents an opportunity to engage in dialogue with one another and share the insights and wisdom gained in their work. The curriculum package can be acquired in print plus a CD ($90) or CD only ($30). Download the order form here.

 Adolescent Monograph Series

During 2007 and 2008, SCATTC published a series of monographs under contract with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse Office, that can assist clinicians who work with adolescents with substance use and co-occurring disorders.  Three of the monographs in the series are now available; click the title below.

#1 Adolescent Substance Use: Developmental Considerations

#2 Treating Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders

#3 Engaging Family Members into Adolescent Drug Treatment

#4 Family Guidebook Monograph "NEW"

Certified Adolescent Treatment Professional - Role Delineation Study Report
This report identifies the scope of service for persons providing substance abuse treatment services for adolescents. The Florida Certification Board follows national standards when conducting an RDS to ensure that all resulting credentialing instruments are directly linked to the knowledge required to perform competently on the job. This report documents the process and results of the Adolescent Treatment Professional Role Delineation Study.

Parental Involvement in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
The Southern Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SCATTC) was contracted by the Florida Department of Children and Families to conduct a series of needs assessments for the purpose of determining the barriers to parental involvement and to develop strategies to improve by involvement of parents with children receiving substance abuse treatment services. This report summarizes the findings of these focus groups.

Directory of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Providers in Florida (2008)
This directory identifies the adolescent substance abuse treatment programs funded through the Florida Department of Children and Families. 

SCATTC Beacon Spotlight CDs

The SCATTC produces quarterly Spotlight compilations available only on CD-Rom. These compilations contain public domain materials such as treatment manuals, training products, special resource documents, etc. Some of the current topics available are: Adolescent Treatment; Resources for Working with Veterans; Recovery; Women's Treatment; Co-Occuring Disorders (Adult and Adolescent); and Spanish Language Materials for Clinicians.


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