The Central East ATTC is managed by the Danya Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, education, and well-being of individuals and communities.

We are located in Silver Spring, MD, on the northern border of Washington D.C.
The Central East ATTC focuses on: 
  • Implementation of training and technical assistance activities, including curriculum development, academic support, and dissemination of best practices based on the needs in each state in our region.
  • Using new media in innovative ways to best reach our stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to Youtube, Ibooks, e-learning and social media.
  • Publishing newsletters and fact sheets related to current addiction research findings and maintaining and expanding a print resource center, including a catalogue listing of journals, publications, and articles containing the best practices and the latest addiction research and information.
  • Using the Internet as a means for information dissemination, communication, and training, including the development of online courses.
  • Training and dissemination of information from the Center for Community Outreach, Navigation, and Recovery (CCONR). This Center will focus on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis outreach workers, the recovery community, and peers support networks. It is our Center for Excellence.
We are required by federal law to comply with the Government Performance and Results Act.

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