Monograph Series

Recovery Management by William L. White, M.A, Ernest Kurtz, Ph.D., and Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC.


Perspectives on Systems Transformation: How Visionary Leaders are Shifting Addiction Treatment Toward A Recovery-Oriented System of Care by William L. White, M.A.


Recovery Management and Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care: Scientific Rationale and Promising Practices by William L. White, M.A.


Peer-based Addiction Recovery Support: History, Theory, Practice, and Scientific Evaluation by William L. White, M.A.


Recovery Oriented Methadone Maintenance by William L. White, M.A. and Lisa Mojer-Torres, JD


Narcotics Anonymous and the Pharmacotherapeutic Treatment of Opioid Addiction in the United States by William L. White, M.A.


Recovery/Remission from Substance Use Disorders:An Analysis of Reported Outcomes in 415 Scientific Reports, 1868-2011 by William L. White, M.A.



Philadelphia Behavioral Health Services Transformation: Practice Guidelines for Recovery and Resilience Oriented Treatment. Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D., Commisioner.



Recovery in Action! "City of Philadelphia: Stories of our Peers"

City of Philadelphia: Stories of Our Peers from Great Lakes ATTC on Vimeo.