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BHMEDS, formerly known as Psychotherapeutic Medications: What      Every Counselor Should Know, is now available in 3 formats: FREE App for Android and iPhone/iPad mobile devices (click on appropriate link above), printed publication available for purchase, and electronic publication available for FREE download.

The BHMEDS App and publication provide information on medications used in treatment for mental health and substance use disorders including: generic and brand names, purpose, usual dose and frequency, possible side effects, potential for abuse and dependence, emergency conditions, cautions, and special considerations for pregnant women.

A related product was developed to assist clinicians in communicating with patients and their doctors.   The Substance Use Disorder Treatment Coordination Report can be  used to coordinate addiction treatment services with physicians. This one-page document provides an opportunity for the counselor to voice concerns and/or ask questions of the patient's physician.  Download Coordination Report document in English or Spanish.