New Training Resource Toolkit from SAMHSA:

Getting Ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace

Helping individuals with mental and substance use disorders obtain better coverage and increased access to needed services is a priority for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). That's why SAMHSA has partnered with nearly 40 national behavioral health organizations through the SAMHSA Enrollment Coalitions Initiative to develop training and resources that will help community-based organizations and professionals explain the new health care law and encourage uninsured individuals to apply for coverage.

A new training resource toolkit, Getting Ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace, is now available. You can access and view the 30-minute, interactive, online toolkit at your convenience. The toolkit is composed of three sections. The first section describes the health care law, how it works, and why it is important for uninsured individuals with behavioral health conditions. The second section explains how the Health Insurance Marketplace works, how to apply for health coverage and where to get help. The third section contains numerous communication ideas and materials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that you can use to create awareness and motivate uninsured individuals to enroll. Useful resources and materials can be downloaded directly from the toolkit.

Among the many communication resources provided in the toolkit are articles, brochures, fact sheets, presentations, videos, posters, cards, outreach messages, flyers, widgets, and social media resources. Many of the materials are available in multiple languages and customized for specific population segments, such as different ethnic/racial groups. You can choose which will be most helpful for the uninsured individuals you serve.

The tool-kit has been developed in six slightly different formats, including five based on the feedback and input of the members of the SAMHSA Enrollment Coalitions Initiative.Please share each toolkit with members of the target audience in your community!

To view toolkit resources, click on topics below. You will be asked to register, then a page with the link to launch the presentation will open. Note that in addition to the presentation, a list of resources is at the left. Over 100 resources can be viewed and downloaded by utilizing the green folders at the bottom of the screen in each toolkit.

If you experience difficulty accessing the toolkits, or for help with technical issues, please contact David Goodman at