The Mountain Plains Addiction Technology Transfer Center (Mountain Plains) is offering a new product line for stakeholders called Best Science Slide Decks for Behavioral Health Professionals, or infoDecks for short.  These Decks* are intended to highlight a topic in less than 10 slides (similar to ‘pitch decks’ used in the business world to give a short summary of a company and its start-up vision). Unrestricted slide decks that include presenter notes and references will be available. Additional learning resources (e.g., original research articles, case studies, and learning exercises) will also be included when possible. The goal of infoDecks is two-fold: 
  1. help trainers and academic faculty easily infuse new research and evidence-based practices into existing curricula; and
  2. increase student and behavioral health practitioners’ interest in emerging behavioral health research on treatment and peer support topics in a brief and easy to use format. 
A variety of emerging behavioral health topics based on peer-reviewed research and national/regional survey data from governmental entities will serve as the content to be highlighted, with a focus on substance use disorders (SUDs). New infoDecks will be posted on the Mountain Plains website monthly.
*‘deck’ is another name for the series of slides that make up a presentation file. When you create a presentation, you start with a single slide and then add others, ultimately building a deck of slides that contains all your information. At times, the term ‘slide deck’ is used rather than just ‘deck’. However, the term deck seems to be trending currently. Reference: What is a PowerPoint Deck? by Carol Finch (link:

Opioid Overdose: 2016 Statistics for Region 8 - 5 slides

Language Matters - 8 slides