Social Sciences Innovations Corp (SSIC) is a for-profit company started by researchers at (NDRI).  SSIC’s purpose is to develop commercially viable products resulting from NDRI’s cutting edge research in prevention and treatment of substance abuse, HIV, HCV and other conditions among hard-to-reach populations, including deaf persons who use American Sign Language (ASL).

The Deaf Depression Screener (DDS) is a web-based, self-administered and self-scoring, depression screener in American Sign Language. The DDS meets the needs of the deaf population, who are at high risk for depression yet are unable to be screened effectively due to linguistic and cultural barriers.

The Brain and Addiction:  A Science Curriculum in American Sign Language

Designed for the public and the professionals who serve them, our courses and related products utilize recent advances in the social and behavioral sciences in order to improve both public health and quality of life.

SSIC has developed an innovative and culturally competent way to educate deaf high school students about brain anatomy through the study of addiction.

This high school science curriculum explains the neurophysiologic basis of addiction in American Sign Language, English Captions and voiceover. (Grades 9-12)

Through the story of "Ann", a deaf high school student, students will learn:
  • Basic information about the anatomy of the brain and its functions, with an emphasis on the Reward System.
  • The function of neurotransmitters in the normal brain and the impact of drugs of abuse.
  • The social, psychological and legal consequences of drug use and addiction are presented through Ann's experimentation with drugs, drug use, abuse and recovery.
  • Real life stories of initiation into drug use, consequences of addiction and the difficult process of recovery are told by three deaf individuals from different ethnic, age and gender backgrounds.
For Teachers
  • Optional student self-test questions.
  • Teacher Guide

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