Primary Care Provider Partners

Let's Work Together:

Primary care providers need to respond quickly yet effectively to changes in health care financing, legislation and patient needs, while balancing bottom line issues such as staffing, funding, logistics and regulations; the task is daunting so marshalling resources with specific expertise can help. NWATTC offers such expertise in behavioral health, an area that many in primary care may find particularly challenging.



NWATTC can help primary care providers improve their behavioral health knowledge and skills. Our approach is based on over twenty years’ experience; we know that sustainable changes in clinical practice are needed to ensure cost effective treatment, good patient care and improved outcomes; such changes depend on an effort that includes:

Training and Skill Development: Introductory and advanced workshops to build understanding and technical skills; flexible approaches to reinforce workshop learning (webinars, individualized coaching, learning collaboratives, booster sessions).

Technical Assistance/Consultation: Assessing organizational needs and capacity; identifying organizational measures that will help ensure success; troubleshooting agency and practitioner issues; providing models for care coordination and process improvement.

Maintenance and Sustainability: Collaborative, practice-oriented and site-specific support to assure skill acquisition and fidelity; supervisor training to create in-house capacity.