ATTCs based in the United States

Use the map below to find the ATTC serving your state or to find one of the national ATTCs. You can also find contact information for all Regional and National Focus Area ATTCs using the online Directory.

Northwest ATTC National Frontier and Rural ATTC Central Rockies ATTC ATTC Network Coordinating Office South-Southwest ATTC Southeast ATTC Central East ATTC Northeast & Caribbean ATTC Northeast & Caribbean ATTC National Hispanic and Latino ATTC National SBIRT ATTC Native American and Alaska Native ATTC Center of Excellence Behavioral Health for Racial/Ethnic Minority YMSM & LGBT New England ATTC Pacfic Southwest ATTC Great Lakes ATTC Mid-America ATTC The ATTC Center of Excellence on Behavioral Health for Pregnant and Women and Their Families


International ATTCs

Vietnam-HIV ATTC Pacific Southwest ATTC