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Addiction Recovery & Intimate Violence Online Course
Addressing Stress & Trauma in Recovery-oriented Systems and Communities A Challenge to Leadership Curriculum
Finding Balance: Understanding and Optimizing Your Stress System After Deployment Other: Booklet
Healing the Stigma of Addiction: A Guide for Treatment Practitioners-2nd Addiction Book
Other: Manual
Healing the Stigma of Depression: A Guide for Helping Professionals Book
Other: Manual
Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in a Criminal Justice Context:An Implementation Brief for Community Supervision Book
Narcotics Anonymous and the Pharmacotherapeutic Treatment of Opioid Addiction in the United States Book
Peer-based Addiction Recovery Support: History, Theory, Practice, and Scientific Evaluation Monograph
Perspectives on Systems Transformation: How Visionary Leaders are Shifting Addiction Treatment Toward A Recovery-Oriented System of Care Monograph
Recovery Management and Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care: Scientific Rationale and Promising Practices Book
Recovery Managment Monograph
Recovery/Remission from Substance Use Disorders:An Analysis of Reported Outcomes in 415 Scientific Reports, 1868-2011 Book
Recovery-Oriented Methadone Maintenance Monograph
Reflections: Ernie Kurtz on the Hisory of AA, Spirituality, Shame, and Storytelling with Bill White Other
Other: DVD
The Power and Price of Survival: Understanding Resilience, Stress, and Trauma (2nd Edition) Book
Other: Booklet