About This Site

The goal of the CONNECT project is to begin the process of connecting many stakeholders involved in fighting prescription drug abuse. We hope to open doors and initiate conversations about how to work together, learn from each other, share information and ultimately save lives. This project is specifically aimed at professionals from the substance abuse treatment community, the prescription drug monitoring program community, and the medical community.

On the surface it may seem that each stakeholder group is very different, but this project is about finding common ground. Each group is working with the same people who suffer from an addiction to prescription drugs. While each group’s terminology and perspective may differ, ultimately each is working toward the same outcome  – to alleviate prescription drug diversion and abuse, thus making our communities healthier and safer. Only by working collaboratively, will current prescription drug abuse trends be reversed. To learn about the role you can play, and how to work with the other stakeholders involved in this issue, click below.

Substance Abuse Treatment Community

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Community

Medical Community

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