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CLAS Standards in BH: Working with LGBTQ-Part 2 (webinar)
October 24, 2018

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The National CLAS Standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities. This webinar will discuss the importance for healthcare organizations to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services and promote a more inclusive definition of culture to include sexual orientation and gender identity, in order to better serve the LGBTQ community.


  • Highlights of the enhanced CLAS Standards

  • Relevant insights on the impacts of disparities and societal stigma on the mental health and personal safety of LGBTQ individuals

  • Heightened awareness, knowledge, and skills that address the needs of LGBTQ and substance use and/or other BH disorders


Jacqueline ColemanJacqueline Coleman


Certified Professional Coach



Kate BishopKate Bishop

Education Coordinator

LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton