CLAS Series Part 2: Serving Transgenderd population/Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

1:00pm - March 31, 2022 thru 2:30pm - March 31, 2022 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Central East ATTC
Registration Deadline: March 31, 2022
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The National Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities by establishing a blueprint for individuals as well as health and health care organizations to implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services.


  • Define CLAS standards, themes, and recommendations
  • Understand strategies for addressing ‘real-life issues’ and health equity impact among transgender and intersex populations
  • Learn about providing quality and compassionate care for adults, adolescents, and children who identify as transgender or gender-diverse or questioning their gender identity
  • Explore gender minority stress treatment principles and support strategies
  • Address behavioral health care and related CLAS standards for service to transgender and intersex populations


Jacqueline Coleman, MEd, MSM, CPC, CLC, is a certified professional coach with extensive experience as a senior program manager. Jacqueline has expertise in workforce development, organizational development, and contract management. She is a cultivator and trainer of professionals in multiple sectors. Jacqueline provides strategic consultation on LEADERVATION (gender-tailored programs, equity and diversity initiatives, and systems change processes).



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