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Quit Smoking; Don't Switch to E-Cigarettes, Cape Gazette, 12/31/19



DC Council Hearing Discusses Several Bills to Fight Teen Vaping Epidemic, WJLA-TV, 01/02/20

For Bright Beginnings Families, Trauma May Be Common but it Needn't Be AcceptedWashington Post, 12/03/1



Maryland Sees Slight Decline in Opioid Overdose Deaths; State Tackles Crisis with New Plan, WTOP, 01/09/20

Opioid-related Deaths Continue to Decrease in Maryland, According to State Data, Washington Post, 12/31/19

With Dozens of Kids Orphaned by Opioid Crisis, this Maryland County Has New Outlook on Trauma Services, Baltimore Sun, 12/02/19



Thousands of Toddlers Have Ingested Vaping Liquids, Poison Control Centers Say, Philadelphia Inquirer, 01/02/20

Governor Outlines Effort to Bolster Mental Health Services, AP News, 01/02/20

Cannabis-related Psychosis, Addiction, ER Visits: For Young Users, Marijuana Can Be a Dangerous Game, Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/23/19



New Program Educates Amherst Students on Risks, Alternatives to Vaping, News & Advance, 01/04/20

U-Haul to Stop Hiring Smokers in 21 States, Including Virginia, WTVR-TV, 01/03/2



What Happened When a State Made Food Stamps Harder to Get, New York Times, 01/13/20

Feds OK Use of Opioid Funding Toward Other Substances, Herald-Dispatch, 01/05/20

Legislative Lookahead: W.Va. Lawmakers Continue to Focus on Addiction, Herald-Dispatch, 01/04/20



Deal Will Let More Companies Make an Overdose Antidote Spray, New York Times, 01/02/20

Effort to Control Opioids in an ER Leaves Some Sickle Cell Patients in Pain, Delaware Public Media, 01/02/20

Capito's Bipartisan Bill Targets Pill Mills that Flood Communities with Opioids, Ripon Advance, 12/31/19

Large Employers Plan to Do More to Support Mental Health in 2020, ebn, 12/20/19



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