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Understanding the Basics of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

1:50am - October 1, 2019
Global ATTC
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This 1-hour self-paced introductory course will help you gain an understanding of race and ethnicity as well as the role of culture and cultural competency in addictions interventions, treatment, and recovery support. This course is part 1 of a Cultural Diversity Suite.

* Differentiate race, ethnicity, culture, and cultural competence.
* Describe the role these play in addictions intervention, treatment, and recovery.
* Explore three techniques and strategies for improving individual level engagement outcomes.
* Identify resources that will assist individuals and organizations to improve relationships with outcomes for a diverse client population.

Developed by Haner Hernandez, P.hD, and Edna Talboy, P.hD. in conjunction with the New England ATTC.

1.0 Hour Continuing Education Available