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Reducing the Harm of Alcohol Use

This interactive two-part webinar series will review the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, impact of alcohol on the body,

MSM, Methamphetamines & HIV

Crystal methamphetamine use has increased among MSM of Color in New York City in the past few years. This webinar will introduce participants to

Cultural Competence: A Modality for Practice

Working with persons from diverse backgrounds in any discipline requires that professionals engage in a culturally responsive manner that can

Addiction Counselor Ethics

This two-part webinar will review the Ethics Code for Counselors. Topics include: definitions and foundations of ethics, principles and problem

Professional Boundaries for Peer Advocates

Professional boundaries set the parameters of effective and appropriate interaction between professionals and the persons they serve. They

Cultural Elements with Hispanic Adolescents

Hispanic adolescents in the US tend to grow up with intersecting Latino and American cultures. Addressing maladaptive behavior with Latino youth

The ATTC Network understands that words have power. A few ATTC products developed prior to 2017 may contain language that does not reflect the ATTCs’ current commitment to using affirming, person-first language. We appreciate your patience as we work to gradually update older materials. For more information about the importance of non-stigmatizing language, see “Destroying Addiction Stigma Once and For All: It’s Time” from the ATTC Network and “Changing Language to Change Care: Stigma and Substance Use Disorders” from the Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS).