April is alcohol awareness month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Publication Date: Apr 04, 2022

The Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC are sharing the following message and resources from Partnership to End Addiction in observance of Alcohol Awareness Month this April. 


Alcohol is the most popular substance among teens and young adults, and it poses substantial risks for their health and safety. Throughout Alcohol Awareness Month this April, we will be sharing resources to help you address youth drinking.

While the number of teens drinking has decreased over the past few decades, when we consider the consequences of youth alcohol use — driving under the influence, accidents and alcohol poisoning, damage to the developing brain or addiction — it’s essential to stay up to date and take action to protect young people.

The Partnership to End Addiction resource guide for families includes information about why young people use alcohol, what types of alcohol they use and how to protect your child from youth drinking. We also offer solutions regarding preventative measures that can be put in place and what you can do if you discover your child is drinking.

Throughout April, stay connected with Partnership to End Addiction on social media for more resources pertaining to Alcohol Awareness Month.