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Celebrate Women's History Month 2021 With Resources from the ATTC Network

Publication Date: Mar 12, 2021

Women's History Month celebrates the vital role of women in American history and their countless contributions to all areas of society. 

Women have also played a critical role in bringing attention to the unique treatment needs of women with mental health or substance use disorders. As Jessie C. Everts, PhD, LMFT of the Minnesota-based Wayside Recovery explained in a 2019 "Ask the Expert" interview

"In the 1970s and 80s, the psychology field began to see women’s needs as unique. This also marked the advent of relational cultural theory, introduced by Jean Baker Miller in her book Toward a New Psychology of Women. The premise of relational cultural theory is that women heal in relationships, and that treatment should be relationship-based." 

ATTC Network Resources

During March (and all year round), build your knowledge of the unique treatment needs of women through the resources from the ATTC Network. A great place to start is the Network's online learning portal, HealtheKnowledge.

The list of free, online, self-paced learning courses focused on women's treatment needs includes:

Resources from SAMHSA