Recovery Month Word Cloud

The Great Lakes ATTC's Voices Of Recovery

By: Kristina Spannbauer
Publication Date: Oct 09, 2020

The Great Lakes ATTC celebrated National Recovery Month this September with a month-long project highlighting the many voices of recovery and celebrating the strong interpersonal connections within our network. We asked folks to share one word that describes what recovery means to them. Nearly 60 words were submitted to this project using Padlet throughout the month of September, and this collection of words has been transformed into a word cloud image. All the responses we received reflected messages of positivity, diversity, and perseverance, but the word “Hope” was most used to describe the meaning of recovery. The words “Family,” “Strength,” and “Gratitude” closely followed “Hope” in the frequency of submissions.


Your voices brought this project to life, and your willingness to share your experiences with the Great Lakes ATTC has enriched our understanding of recovery. On its own, a single word cannot truly represent the importance and meaningfulness of recovery, but in multitudes, a single word can become an idea, a mantra, or a vow. For many of us, “Hope” is the light that helps us see our path, “Family” is the compass that guides our journey, and  “Strength” is the weathered, old backpack that carries all the valuable things we’ve gathered along the way. Your words may be different and your journey is your own, but our connection to each other gives us strength and reminds us we’re not alone.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this project – we could not have succeeded in creating this visual representation of recovery without you!

Great Lakes ATTC Recovery Month Word Cloud of Hope