Using NIATx to Strengthen Your Workforce: Recruit, Hire, Retain, & Promote (RHRP) Series

Learn how to strengthen your workforce by using the NIATx model of process improvement when recruitinghiringretaining, and promoting (RHRP) staff!


Human services providers are struggling to hire and retain the staff they need to fulfill their missions. Organizations continue to face challenges in staffing shortages, competition for talent with other industries, and the high costs of staff turnover. Sessions 1–5 in this series feature the National CLAS Standards, workforce wellness, and professional coaching/mentoring best practices. Each session focus on how these cultural elements impact your organization's capacity to recruit, hire, retain, and promote (RHRP) the best possible team. The curriculum of sessions 6–10 will be a NIATx Change Leader Academy (CLA) designed to focus specifically on the RHRP continuum. The CLA will provide tools that will enable you to engage in data driven changes that will improve your recruitment and hiring.


You will learn:

  • Use NIATx tools and rapid cycle PDSA cycles to improve recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion
  • Apply a culture lens to organizational workforce challenges using the CLAS Standards
  • Develop the workplace team using core wellness, coaching and mentoring tools and concepts


Note: It is highly recommended that participants attend all sessions in this series to receive the full benefit of this intensive training opportunity. Individuals or teams who have fully attended sessions 1–10 will be eligible to enroll in professional coaching sessions with our subject matter expert trainers after the conclusion of the tenth session. These coaching sessions will help you implement what you've learned during this series in your organization.


***You must register for each session to attend sessions 1–5***

***You must register once to attend any sessions 6–10***


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NAADAC Certified Continuing Education Hours 

Those who fully attend all 13 hours of the RHRP series will be eligible to receive a total of 13 NAADAC continuing education (CE) hours. NAADAC CE certificates will be sent to qualifying participants via email within 1-2 weeks after the conclusion of the training.

  • Participants who fully attend each of the 5 foundational sessions of the RHRP series will be eligible to receive 1 NAADAC CE hour per session. (Sessions: April 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18)
  • Participants who fully attend all 5 sessions of the RHRP Change Leader Academy will be eligible to receive 5 NAADAC CE hours. No partial credit will be awarded. (Sessions: June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29)
  • Participants who fully attend all 10 sessions of the RHRP series will be offered the opportunity to participate in an additional 3 hours of free one-on-one organizational coaching with Mat Roosa that will be tailored to your team and/or agency. Those who participate in these virtual coaching sessions will be eligible to receive 3 NAADAC CE hours. No partial credit will be awarded.



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All sessions in this series will take place virtually from 3:00 PM–4:00 PM CT / 4:00 PM–5:00 PM ET

Register for each session to attend session 1-5


The growing diversity of the US population requires providers become as adept as possible in delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate services. This interactive training will teach participants about the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards and why they are vital to improving care, reducing disparities, and advancing health equity, as well as how they can be implemented in your organization.


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Session 2 will teach strategies for creating an inclusive organization on the micro and macro levels. Participants will be provided with examples of inclusive work cultures, evidence-based best practices for making DEI-focused organizational changes, and how to maintain an inclusive professional environment on a long-term scale.


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Participants in this session will learn:

  • Key terms that influence work performance such as burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma
  • How to identify and analyze factors that contribute to burnout
  • How to identify ways to increase wellness including building psychological safety at workplace


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The development of team relationships and function through effective coaching can have a huge impact on work force retention. It can also enhance organization reputation, which aids in staff recruitment. This session will focus on the relational skills that supervisors and leaders need to enhance team empowerment, cohesion, pride, and achievement. A supportive work environment that provides opportunity for learning and growth in a safe environment is hard to leave.


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The NIATx process improvement model will be introduced as a preview to the Change Leader Academy that will follow this final training in the RHRP series. All of the culture changes described in the RHRP series require an implementation strategy to turn them from aspirational values to standard organizational practices.  This session will serve as a pivot for participants as they shift from the “What” (organization culture that supports the RHRP continuum) to the “How” data driven process tools to create and sustain changes that improve hiring and recruitment.


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Register once to attend sessions 6-10 

June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2023 


The CLA trains both beginners and those with some experience in process improvement in the NIATx model of process improvement: a structured, team-based approach to change management for organizations large and small. Attendees learn how to select a change project, set a project aim, engage senior leaders and staff in the change process, and achieve measurable, sustainable improvements.


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