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Why Training on Evidence-based Practices is Never Enough

Publication Date: Mar 26, 2019

March 2019

Mat Roosa, LCSW-R
NIATx Coach and Consultant

Todd Molfenter, PhD
NIATx Director
Director, Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC

It’s an all-too-common three-step story:

  1. A health care provider organization is trained in an evidence-based practice (EBP).
  2. The provider seeks to implement the EBP.
  3. The EBP is never implemented or is not sustained following the initial implementation.

Most substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers have insight into this problem. They know that they need to do more than learn an EBP to ensure its effective implementation. They also know that just training staff on the EBP can be like pouring water into sand: Without a vessel to hold and sustain it, the EBP vanishes.  

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