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Family Centered Care Learning Collaborative

12:30pm - January 10, 2019
Mid-America ATTC
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This year-long opportunity will help participants understand the family-centered care model for pregnant/parenting women (PPW) with substance use disorders (SUD), assess their program’s use of family-centered care principles, and identify and implement strategies to improve their program’s family-centered culture and services.This first cohort is intended for upper-level executives/administrative staff, including women's program directors and other staff with decision-making authority, with subsequent cohorts tailored for direct clinical staff.

The Learning Collaborative will be completely virtual, requiring no travel for either participants or facilitators/coaches. In addition to presenting foundational concepts of family-centered care, the Learning Collaborative will also provide an opportunity for participants to begin implementing famiy-centered practices through a project and coaching component. Sessions will include project workshop times, guest speakers, opportunities to request and receive ongoing technical assistance, and didactic presentations covering the follow topics:

  • Introduction to Family-Centered Care
  • Principles of Family-Centered Care
  • Building Programs for Fathers
  • Implementing Family-Centered Programming
  • Family-Centered Clinical Interventions
  • Other relevant topics as requested by participants

Please note this event is currently closed for registration. For additional information on future sessions, please contact Kate Mallula at