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KC Perinatal Recovery Collaborative

The KC Perinatal Recovery Collaborative: Improving Family-Centered Addiction Care for Pregnant & Parenting Women and Their Families in the Kansas City Metro Area

The KC Perinatal Recovery Collaborative is an initiative to improve family-centered addiction care for pregnant and parenting women and their families in the Kansas City metro area through cross-systems collaboration. It is led by Mid-America ATTC with expert consultation from the University of North Carolina Horizons Program (UNC Horizons). UNC Horizons is a model addiction treatment program for pregnant women led by internationally renowned Executive Director and researcher, Hendrée E Jones, PhD.

The aim of the KC Perinatal Recovery Collaborative is to coordinate the work of multidisciplinary systems to develop a comprehensive array of recovery programming with a range of OB/GYN, neonatal, residential, and outpatient care along with employment/vocational assistance and family-friendly recovery housing. The range of services that mothers in recovery and their families need are often in siloes and lack a coordinated network that is easy to navigate. This project will bring these partners together for a visioning and planning process to improve family-centered services and coordination.  A project kick-off event was held on June 4th.

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Family-Centered Behavioral Health


Family-Centered Behavioral Health Support for Pregnant & Parenting Women

Mid-America ATTC previously served as the ATTC Center of Excellence on Behavioral Health for Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Their Families (CoE-PPW) and is committed to providing technical assistance on this topic to HHS Region 7. The Tools for Treatment website ( is now supported by Mid-America ATTC funding and will continue to be updated with the latest research, training, and resources. Intensive technical assistance will be offered to PPW programs in the region, including a family-centered care learning collaborative, individualized coaching, and a menu of on-demand online training. If you are interested in receiving PPW TA, please contact Project Manager Bree Sherry at

Some of our latest products include:

·         In-Service Curriculum – Easier Together: Partnering with Families to Make Recovery Possible

·         Short Documentary and Vignettes – Bring Them All: A Family-Centered Approach to Addiction Treatment

·         On-Demand Training – Webinettes and ECHO Didactics

·         Searchable Resource Library

·         Family-Centered Care Interview Monograph

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Family-Centered Care Learning Collaborative

Mid-America ATTC just launched its Family-Centered Care Learning Collaborative! This year-long opportunity will help participants understand the family-centered care model for pregnant/parenting women (PPW) with substance use disorders (SUD), assess their program’s use of family-centered care principles, and identify and implement strategies to improve their program’s family-centered culture and services. This first cohort is intended for upper-level executives/administrative staff, including women's program directors and other staff with decision-making authority, with subsequent cohorts tailored for direct clinical staff. Enrollment will be limited to a total of 16 agencies with equal representation from all 4 states in Region 7. The Learning Collaborative will be completely virtual, requiring no travel for either participants or facilitators/coaches.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to Family-Centered Care
  • Principles of Family-Centered Care
  • Building Programs for Fathers
  • Implementing Family-Centered Programming
  • Family-Centered Clinical Interventions
  • Other relevant topics as requested by participants

Registration for this collaborative is full. If you have any questions, please contact Bree Sherry at