Mountain Plains ATTC Prompt & Reminder Posters 

English & Spanish Versions

Recent research on implementation science highlights the importance of understanding the practical strategies that support uptake of new practices and adoption of evidence-based practices (EBP) by clinicians. For example, placing reminders or prompts in the practice setting where the clinician can easily see them provides timely cues that reinforce use of the EBPs. [see Cullen & Adams, 2012; Leathers, 2016; Sholomskas et al., 2005]. With this in mind, the MPATTC worked with subject matter experts and researchers to create posters for behavioral health providers, educators, and/or peer recovery specialists that serve as a reminder or prompt on topics, including Motivational Interviewing, the Language of Texting, and Perinatal Stigma.


In collaboration with the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC, the Mountain Plains ATTC is now offering Spanish versions of the Prompt & Reminder Posters. The Spanish translations were prepared by Mountain Plains ATTC internal staff and reviewed/edited by collaborating partners. While reasonable efforts are made to provide accurate translations, acknowledging the diversity of Spanish and English Language, some words/phrases may differ.


These posters can be downloaded in multiple formats directly from the MPATTC website. They were designed for display as 11x17 sized posters in a location most visible and accessible to clinicians, but are also available in an 8.5x11 format for in-house printing. In addition, hard copies may be requested from the MPATTC by emailing us at [email protected] (posters can be mailed within the continental United States). Please click on the links below for more information.

Spanish - MI Poster

Spanish - MI Poster

Spanish - MI Poster

Spanish - MI Poster

In collaboration with a Motivational Interviewing (MI) expert/researcher, four Prompt & Reminder posters were created that serve as a reminder about the four important tenets of MI (Evocative, Collaborative, Empathic and Autonomy) and reinforce use of this EBP by clinicians.

Download the digital copies here: Motivational Interviewing Prompt and Reminder Posters

Created to accompany the MPATTC’s Guide to Using Text Messages to Improve Substance Use Treatment Outcomes Guide, this Prompt & Reminder poster is a reminder to use thoughtful text message language when communicating using a text messaging system within your agency and to avoid “textese”. To maximize the impact of this product, the MPATTC recommends displaying the poster in a location most visible and accessible to administrators/employees who schedule and use text messages as an extender to services.

Download the digital copies here: The Language of Texting Prompt and Reminder Posters

Consider the Impact of your Words and Actions Poster

Window of Opportunity Poster

Window of Opportunity Poster

Stigma associated with substance use disorders (SUDs) is a significant barrier to identification and treatment efforts. Persons with SUDs who are pregnant and/or parenting are particularly impacted by stigma and may be subject to adverse encounters when seeking healthcare services. The MPATTC developed clinician-focused and client-focused posters to help address barriers associated with perinatal stigma. It is recommended the posters be displayed in locations visible to both clients and clinicians.

The third poster in the series, "We've talked a lot... Now do you have questions?", is aimed at helping address stigma-related barriers by incorporating a tear-off sheet that clients can use to request more information from their clinician/provider on questions they might have (i.e., "I would like to know how alcohol and drugs may affect a baby during pregnancy" and "I would like to know which alcohol and drugs should be avoided during breastfeeding").

Download the digital copies here: Perinatal Stigma Prompt and Reminder Posters

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