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April Edition Now Available of Cultivating Wellness: A Newsletter Celebrating Latino Behavioral Health

Publication Date: Apr 26, 2022

This Issue: Growing Our Own: Planting Seeds for the Future of Latino Behavioral Health

This issue highlights the work of the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC & PTTC and NLBHA to move the behavioral health needle towards impactful change. This issue focuses on "Planting Seeds for the Future of Latino Behavioral Health". Read and learn about the E-compendium guide, meet our Executive Director, Fredrick Sandoval, MPA and see who and what we are highlighting this quarter!

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In This Issue

  • Our Mission
    Dicho of the Quarter
    Page 01
  • NLBHA Highlights
    Page 02
  • Story time: meet our team member, Dr. Susie Villalobos
    Page 04
  • Highlighting the experts
    Quarterly Highlights
    Page 05
  • NLBHA’s e-compendium and Guide Article
    Page 06
  • Media Corner
    Page 9
  • Staff Contact information
    Page 10