Advanced Motivational Interviewing (New England Region 1)

1:00pm - September 15, 2021 | Timezone: US/Eastern
New England ATTC
Registration Deadline: September 15, 2021
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The New England ATTC in partnership with the Massachusetts Office of Community Corrections is hosting a training on September 15 and 16, 2021 from 1:00pm-4:15pm with subject matter expert Robert Jope, LMHC. 

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a client-centered, evidence-based, goal-oriented method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence with the individual. This active, skill-building workshop provides participants with an understanding of the benchmarks for competent MI practice, as well as opportunities to build skills toward those benchmarks in practice conversations. Participants will also learn to integrate Brief Action Planning into their use of MI, and are encouraged to consider ongoing training and coached practice to continue to develop their skills. [This is a private event by invitation only].