Culturally Informed Practice with Hispanic LGBTQ Persons, a Criminal Justice Perspective - NYC

9:00am - October 3, 2017
Northeast & Caribbean ATTC
Registration Deadline: October 3, 2017
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For some, the intersecting aspects of culture and gender identity of Hispanic LGBTQ persons can incur practitioner discord and consequently impede the participants' recovery process in treatment. Culturally sensitive approaches are often considered challenging to practice within restrictive criminal justice environments. It becomes more complicated by generation specific issues that need to be addressed along with substance use, mental health disorders and other psychosocial concerns. Studies show that ensuring 'safety' is key to engaging and retaining Hispanic LGBTQ persons to promote program completion. This interactive training will explore overlapping aspects of Latino influences, behavioral and psychological issues for youth and older persons of this community, the impact of minority stress, and provide culturally informed strategies for practice within judicial parameters.